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Insight Communication & Design provide our customers with the following services when you sign up for a website:

  1. A managed WordPress website, consisting of two costs:
    1. A setup fee of AUD$1000 + GST.
    2. A website hosting fee of AUD$15/month.
    3. Software maintenance & updates – FREE.
  2. A set of specially designed web pages containing stock photos and filler text (number of pages is indicated on the layout preview).
  3. A set of instructions on how to change the photos and text in your webpages to your desired content.
  4. A set of instructions on how to use WordPress.

Essentially we are providing the website structure and hosting, and you are filling in the blanks provided with your own content.

You can bring your own domain name, and use it for your website, for free.

To use your own domain name, you will need to edit your domain’s name A record to point to (see our instructions on how to do this). Once you’ve done this, contact us and let us know what your domain name and website title is.

If you don’t have a domain name, we can recommend a domain registrar.

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